Instructional videos for couples showing actual hands on demonstrations of sensual genital massage for intense pleasure!

Searching for How to give or perform a Good, Awsome or Perfect Hand Job, Tug Job or Stroke Job?

This is IT!

12 "How To" Sensual Massage Videos; Now Available!

For Her (to view)   For Him (to View)

"101 ways to drive your man crazy with your hands"


Female Sensual Massage 101


Discover why you Must know the Huge difference between Ejaculation and Orgasm.  


Score big points with your wife or female partner by Avoiding Her Genitals. 

How men achieve "Multiple Orgasms" and how you can administer and control them to cause him maximum pleasure.


Develop her desire to where; she "can't wait for it to happen again!"

How and why Ejaculation on command works and how you make it happen.    Touch her here often, even in public, and have her tingling all over!
How to simulate 'oral sex' with your hands. (Never have a tired jaw again!)   Cause her to orgasm by hardly touching her!
What spots cause men the biggest sensation of pleasure. (Hint it is not the shaft.)   See how your lover craves having you seduce her by pampering, and indirect courtship techniques. 
Plus 100's of ways to touch, stroke, tease, twist, move, grasp, push, pull, spiral, and otherwise manipulate your partners penis and testicles, to drive him insane with lust and desire!   See 'For Men' tab & Discover not just a "Happy Ending" Sensual Massage, but a ROCK YOUR WORLD, Royal Treat Smogasboard!
 More!    More!



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