Female Sensual Massage 101

Guys, a few of the ladies are a little irritated with me for putting so much effort into elaborating ways for them to pleasure you, but not having anything to show you on how to reciprocate. I am a big advocate of making sure you make her as happy sexually as she makes you so by all means make sure you give her a really good massage every chance you get.

This lesson is one example on spending time and pampering your partner in a way that I am sure she will enjoy. This lesson has 2 bonus videos with different angles and the use of vibrators. They (the bonus videos) are not intended as follow along videos but additional "ideas" material.

The Lesson 1 is a follow along but be prepared that it includes more like a full body treatment. My best information so far is that teasing your partner by not going straight to the genitals is a big turn on for quite a few of the ladies who have provided feedback. So give this one a try, let me know how she liked it and I will have others out soon.

 I am going to show your girl new ways to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

To do that I need to fill you in on what I have in store for you. I have been teaching women a video series called 101 ways to drive your man crazy with your hands for several years. It has been out of this world! With this material I can take an adult woman who has never even seen or touched a penis and she can cause 100's orgasms in her first hour – even her first half-hour! Since I teach women so much about the penis I am discovering they quickly learn a lot of things their partners aren’t aware of. This has caused a few guys to get frustrated, usually because they feel like they are getting ‘teased.’ Let me assure you these are NOT about teasing, but are about 100% pleasure! My question for you is; how much pleasure can you stand? 

Orgasms vs. Ejaculation

 They are NOT the same things!
Most of my videos show women 50 – 100 different ways to pleasure you for an hour. This can be exhausting because you could experience between 500 to 1,000 orgasms in that amount of time. Plus, of course one BIG ejaculation. So you might be thinking, how could I cum 500 or a 1000 times? I teach women the big difference between "orgasm" and "ejaculation." What’s the difference?  An orgasm is that contraction or clench when your penis shot guns back, while jumping up and the head pulses. I tell them how every one of these sends a flood of tingly pleasure to your brain. I teach them how to cause them every 20 seconds so they keep you really hard, but show them how to avoid causing ejaculation until later in your massage. This may sound like ‘teasing’ but it’s not when you understand this is just a 30 – 60 minute penis massage with a really intense ejaculation at the end.

 Relax and allow your partner to Explore YOUR Penis

I have had a lot of fun learning and teaching techniques. Now it is your turn to see how it works. Trust that your partner will learn a lot about you and some of what really gets you hot, these massages are a great way for your partner to share new levels of intimacy with you and they are an awesome way to add variety and a back-up option when other bedroom activities are not on the menu.

 How it works...

Currently I have 2 follow-along videos for your partner to try on you. After she watches the free videos and lesson 1, the first "Hands on video" is Lesson 2, 25 minutes of what I would call "sensual massage 101." It shows her ways to move her hands and practice providing multiple orgasms. Lesson 3 is an hour of getting her to slow way down so she can really learn what makes you tick.

 Get ready for a mind blowing experience!

I’ll have her get you really hard and try to keep you really hard for a whole hour. For the first 30 minutes she will be touching very softly and slowly looking for those really sensitive spots that make your penis jump and shot gun. This is quite a tease but she gets to see how easy it is to give you orgasm after orgasm. Women seem to love this lesson because they learn how simple it is to cause lots of pleasure and that it doesn’t necessarily require lots of ‘work’ to have you squirming in ecstasy.
In the second 30 minutes I show her things like how to simulate oral sex sensations with her hands and how to get you really close to ejaculation and keep you there.

 If you think Lesson 2 and 3 are good, wait till you get to 4 and 5!

 These two lessons will peak her interest. Lesson 4 is what I call movement; I teach her how to combine her strokes with more movement and motion. This feels soooo good. But my favorite is lesson 5. In lesson 5, I have her going fast then moving it, then slow. There’s surprise after surprise. It’s hard to keep from ejaculating several times in this one but just when I have her getting you really close I try to get her to interrupt ejaculation and keep you on an orgasm plateau.
I thought I had it all figured out... But I was WRONG!
I was Blindsided by

"Better than a BlowJob!"

I had a young lady visit me who wanted to learn my techniques first-hand. She took the first two lessons then asked if she could freestyle – no follow-along. Since I am always looking for new material, I agreed. Plus, I was inspired that she had gained so much self confidence so fast, I wanted to be supportive of her efforts.
As with many of the videos this one kind of looks like she is doing some of the same things I teach in several other videos but there is no comparison for the way it feels!
I thought I was going to ejaculate about ten times in this video and I had to ask her to retreat once so I didn’t too soon.
When I did ejaculate, it went clear up to the pillow; very unusual for me. Good is belly, great is chest, but clear to the pillow is incredible. Volume was about 2x’s normal.
When you get this video I will point out the one little thing that makes this one SO different. I never knew this trick until I felt it and watched the video. (I was so impressed I had to watch it right away to see what she was doing) You will Love Lesson 6


Every woman that participates in “following along” includes her own spin or style in her moves. Since I have put so much effort into editing out the bad moves and emphasizing the good techniques I encourage the ladies to try to reproduce the exact moves as what she sees in the video. Some women still embellish to a great extent and some times it works out better.
This video is an example of improvisation at work. This lady brings a style and flair I could only describe as “Flamboyant.” I appreciate when a woman enjoys what she is doing to my penis, this women loves “dick” (her words) and she loves to learn how to make a man ejaculate. I hope you enjoy Lesson 7 as much as I did!

 Ejaculation Plateau

Lesson 8

You know that feeling you get about 30 seconds before you Ejaculate the big load? You feel that rush of adrenaline, maybe you get tingly or warm all over and your penis feels Really Really Good?
What if you could stretch that feeling out to 1, 2 or even 5 minutes? It would be like an extended Ejaculation. Maybe even like multiple ejaculations. Well that is the idea of Ejaculation Plateau. This lessons works to get you to the brink of ecstasy and keep you there for as long as you can stand it.
I made this as lesson 8 because all of the lessons build on the one before and it will take some practice to get this one down. But don’t be surprised if your lady doesn’t try it sooner. I find that as women practice and realize new skills, they become confident, excited and experimental (as well as interested in sex more frequently).


Lesson 9
I like soft, slow deliberate touch when I am in the mood for a Handjob. But I know some guys need something a little more rigorous. I can’t make a series that can satisfy every man, but I hope that I can include techniques and routines that many men will like. So on the advice of some of my participants, I offer what I would call aggressive.
Here we continue with lots of our distinctive variety but we crank it up with more speed and pressure. It was so intense for me that I could only make it a few minutes before it was all over for me. It is a great one to use for a quickie.

 In Summary

All the things I’m showing her here lead her to be able to gain increasing levels of confidence, excitement and control over your ejaculation. This allows both of you to get to multiple ejaculation techniques that I’ll be putting up in summer of 2011 with the “All About Ejaculation” videos.

 In the meantime, you will both have lots of fun practicing!

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