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 What You Will Learn

How to make your man have multiple orgasms, and see and/or feel every one.  (all Lessons)
Discover the big difference between 'orgasm' and 'ejaculation.' (Lesson 1-2 & 3)

How to make his erection last for an hour or more. (And keep him on the brink of ecstasy the whole time) (Lesson 3)
How to simulate 'oral' with your hands. (Never have a tired jaw again!) (Lesson 6 and some in most lessons)

How to make your man ejaculate "on command." (exactly and only when you make it happen). (Lesson 2-9)
How to exert much more power and control in bed. (All Lessons)

You will know what signals tell you exactly when he is ready to explode. (Lesson 3 and most other lessons)

You will know how a penis 'tells' you if what you are doing is pleasurable, and even how pleasurable it is. (all Lessons)

You will know if what you are doing is painful, irritating, or otherwise undesirable. (Free pre lesson)  (any time he loses his erection during massage)

What not to do too much of. Things that cause him pain, that few men would ever say a word and why. (Free Pre Lesson)

What spots cause men the biggest sensation of pleasure. (Hint it is not the shaft.) (Free pre lesson)

How to cause an erection. (Most Lessons have a different technique to try, focusing just on getting it up)
Dozens of different ways to squeeze, stroke, swirl, swing, pinch, tickle, and tease a mans hot spots to drive him crazy with desire and lust. Lots of movements that you would never consider for fear of causing pain or injury but when erect feels really good (and hurt if not erect). (Lessons 2-9)

Learn more about the technical aspects of a penis and associated connections than you ever thought possible. We tell you hundreds of details about the penis, sensations, orgasms, hot spots, and pain spots. so it will tell you what is going on.) (Lesson 1-2 & 3)

We show combination techniques that will make him shudder and shake! What not to do too much of. Things that cause him pain, that few men would ever say a word and why. Why your favorite way to please him may make him numb and irritable. It is simple to not do the no-no's, you just see what they are and what the alternative is. (Lessons 2-9)
Lessons are arranged to start with basic information, then practice lessons, then Power Pleasure Sessions. You gain more skill and understanding with each lesson. He gets more and more satisfied with each lesson.
Watch and practice, and have him experiencing multiple orgasms almost immediately.

Watch free videos now including an example of how "follow along" videos work. After you "register" (its free and we don't ask for your credit card, and we dont fill your e-mail box up with offers), more videos for adults only will appear in your 'Watch Videos' tab. To Purchase Lesson videos, please see our Products  page or Descriptions Below.


These courses are arranged in essentially 3 segments, I propose that even knowledgeable and experienced women review all the material, as well as the inexperienced lover. You can be an awesome lover and very skilled at driving your man crazy in bed but you will still pick up some new tricks and tools, (isn't that how you got good in the first place?)
  1. How does the Penis work? (Free Animation, Preparation (also Free), Lessons 1, 2 and 3)
  2. Incredible Pleasure (Lesson 4 - Movement, Lesson 5 - Contrast, ).
  3. Satiation (Lesson 6 - Better than a Blowjob, and Lesson 7 Flamboyant, Lesson 8 Ejaculation- Plateau, Lesson 9 - Aggressive, and the Multiple Ejaculation Bonus)

    All material is from the male perspective so you get candid, firsthand explanations and demonstrations. I intended it as what I wish I could request from my partner. Unfortunately, having this much dialog, and trying to show someone hundreds of hand movements that I would love for her to try on me would be awkward at least and possibly downright insulting. Fortunately for you, non-lover friends can share this kind of information without anyone feeling insecure about their sexual performance.

 "As far as I know, you cannot find this kind of information anywhere else. Most men are unaware of  much of what is explained. Men don't think about things like the difference between "Orgasm" and "Ejaculation." They are too preoccupied with just getting there."

First video to watch in the Series.
Free on the "Watch Videos" Tab

   "Penis Orgasm and Ejaculation Animation"   7:40

Penis Multiple Orgasm and anatomy animation

This video is an animation and narrated explanation of the sequence of events leading up to ejaculation. I animate a see-through penis and show you how trial ejaculations (Orgasms) lead up to ejaculation. You'll see the function of erection, the prostate, the seminal vesicle, convulsions affecting the pc muscle & anus and see how they all work together under your control to provide incredible pleasure. If you want to understand how men can have multiple orgasms, this will help you see how that happens.

Second video to watch in the series. 

Free on the "Watch Videos" Tab to Registered adult users. 

 "Preparation"    10:55

Before embarking on driving your man crazy in bed, I detail some basic do's and don'ts that you may not have considered. This is basic (but Important) information regarding things like Lubrication, Pressure, Speed, and anxiety relative to a sensual massage. I also introduce you to 3 foundational concepts of control over the penis; Stimulate, Maintain and Retreat. Don't miss this lesson it's Free!
Lesson 1   19:34

Penis Massage

First we dissect the male Orgasm. To better understand what kind of sensations you are causing your partner, we reflect on female orgasms, after all; the major biological difference between men and women is that hormones have caused us to morph into different (gender) shapes. When you compare male and female orgasmic responses you may see we are quite similar. Here we explore the similarities. Next we go into more detail on what Male Multiple Orgasms are and how you cause and control them. This includes detaching Orgasm and Ejaculation as synonymous.

The Penis 'communicates' pleasure by certain reactions. I detail the reactions so you can learn to read the penis. In later lessons (4-9) No narration is included. By the end of lesson 3 I hope that you will be 'listening' more to his reactions and the tools I "show" you to elicit them, than what I say. The goal is to be in tune with your partner during your massage. That is what makes it really intimate for him; he feels like you know and understand him in this most intimate way.

I show you how to tell how excited he is by looking at one certain spot on his erection. I detail the clues that the penis gives that ejaculation is imminent. In this video I reveal a ½ inch area that when touched will trigger about 90% of all orgasms. Going there too much though, can be real irritating! Knowing what to do with this one area will make your job easier and a whole lot more fun. More control is gained or lost with proper or improper manipulation of this spot than any other area.

I introduce you to moving and controlling your hands. All subsequent lessons involve the positions, pressures, speeds, twists, turns, slides, tickles, teases, and moves that you are capable of achieving with your hands. The possibilities and combinations are nearly infinite. I also show you in this video a way to position your hands that I think feels like oral sex.

Lesson 2    26:37

Penis Erection and ejaculation

Lesson 2 begins with my favorite erection technique that causes orgasms even in a limp penis. Then we take some time looking at some diverse and stimulating massage. Feel free to watch this one while practicing the techniques you see; on your partner. This is our first follow-along and it is a very pleasant experience for men. You might want to have on headphones or turn the volume down so your partner can't hear me telling you what we are going to do. We don't want to spoil his surprise.

See dozens of very different strokes in this sampler of techniques, causing hundreds of trial ejaculations and one very strong ejaculation. At ejaculation, I show you how to optimize his climax experience while at the same time avoid hurting your partner.
This lesson includes a 51 minute bonus video that was one of my most pleasurable first videos. It epitomizes the concept of sensual penis massage. It is not narrated but the pace is perfect for practicing on your partner after watching lesson 2. (But give him a few days to recover first!)
Lesson 3   1:00:26


In Lesson 3 You will learn a lot about your partner and how penises respond. After watching the animation and wrapping your head around "trial ejaculations," this is where you get to see the most obvious and dramatic affects of control of his multiple orgasms.  I call this lesson "Deprivation." You will be amazed at not only how little it takes to cause powerful orgasms, (trial ejaculations) but how much more pronounced they can be visually and physically. For him this will be a mind blowing experience!  I created this video for one lady who loved sex, and put all her heart into pleasing her partner with enthusiastic…. pain and injury. To date my experience with women is that every one that has participated offered varying degrees of overcompensation in speed and pressure. Most of the time I would not suggest that (any) such sensual contact with the penis could be undesirable in any way. But to me, Deprivation touch epitomizes 'sensuality.'

Here is what I tell the guys about this lesson; 

"I'll have her get you really hard and try to keep you really hard for a whole hour. For the first 30 minutes she will be touching very softly and slowly looking for those really sensitive spots that make your penis jump and shot gun. This is quite a tease but she gets to see how easy it is to give you orgasm after orgasm. Women seem to love this lesson because they learn how simple it is to cause lots of pleasure and that it doesn't necessarily require lots of 'work' to have you squirming in ecstasy".

In the second 30 minutes I show her things like how to simulate oral sex sensations with her hands and how to get you really close to ejaculation and keep you there. The "I'm gonna Cum" sensation will build and grow for a good solid 20 minutes until you feel a huge pressure building deep inside. The resulting ejaculation is full of dizzying power and volume."

2 Bonus Videos

The Deprivation lesson includes 2 bonus videos of 59 and 57 minutes. If your man appreciates the sensations of these techniques as much as I (and most of my customers) do, you will have 2 more hours of material to apply and practice. It is my personal opinion that mastering deprivation has been the single most beneficial technique that any of my participants have acquired. This treat of a massage feels like the most caring, loving, thoughtful experience.
In the next segment, (Incredible Pleasure) we build on the information and practice of the foundation lessons to really inspire his lust and desire.
Lesson 4   58:17


In all videos I try to show various ways to cause an erection. Lesson 4 includes one of my favorite ways to become erect; Movement. Here we see how effectively you can get the penis hard by primarily wiping on lubricant with some fairly assertive repositioning and directional stimulation. Next we combine strokes that we have already practiced with more movement and motion.  Don't worry about hurting his penis, as long as you don't go any further than I show you. Trust me on this; This feels soooo good! The ejaculation sequence in this one usually strikes most men and women as very surprising. Causing a man to ejaculate by most of the climax sensation being derived from movement is very interesting.
Lesson 5   38:47


For a long time my favorite was lesson 5. Here we go fast then we move it, then slow, then spiral, then unpredictable techniques one after the other. He will love the surprise after surprise. For me it was hard to keep from ejaculating several times in this one but it works out so that just when I have you getting him really close, we interrupt ejaculation and keep him on an orgasm plateau. I see this lesson as a skill builder to advance toward mastering causing multiple ejaculations.


I refer to the 3rd segment as "Satiation" because by the time we get this far, you may find that your man's sex drive has subsided a little. Obtaining all the massages in the series will take weeks or maybe even months. When men experience 30-60 minute massages focused purely on their penis, they can have 300-1,000 contractions (orgasms).

To me, being sexually satiated means so physically drained of want or desire, that sexual desire finally stops nagging me for an extra day or 2. This is accompanied by a sense of general contentment and heightened relationship satisfaction including a powerful sensation of feeling loved. I am at my most productive (and helpful) when deeply satisfied and I suspect that most men will also experience equal or similar well being benefits.

Benefits of sensual penis massage Include:

Better prostate health

Bigger, stronger Orgasms and Ejaculations.

Sexual stamina; increased ability to prolong erection and delay ejaculation.

Emotional and Relationship contentment.

Lesson 6    34:08

Hand Job

  "Better than a BlowJob!"

Simulate a blowjob by using your hands? I hope you will enjoy having this awesome alternative to oral sex. As with many of the videos this one kind of looks like we are doing some of the same things I teach in several other videos but there is no comparison to the way it feels!

I had a young lady visit me who wanted to learn my techniques first-hand. She took the first two lessons then asked if she could freestyle - no follow-along. Since I am always looking for new material, I agreed. Plus, I was inspired that she had gained so much self confidence so fast, I wanted to be supportive of her efforts.

When I did ejaculate, Volume was about 2 times normal and distance about 3 times normal. (I was so impressed I had to watch it right away to see what she was doing) This video is a good example of how to cause ejaculation!

I thought I was going to ejaculate about ten times in this video and I had to ask to retreat once so I didn't too soon.

When you get this video I will point out the one little thing that makes this one SO different. I never knew this trick until I felt it and watched the video. You will be able to use what you learn in this video every time you touch a penis. He will Love Lesson 6

This lesson also includes a 38 minute bonus video. When one massage stands out as really exceptional, I have to determine if I am dealing with a lady possessing exceptional skill and intuition or if her methods can be followed along by others with similar results. A different masseuse used varying degrees of the first video but with her own spin. It seemed to me to be a completely different massage, but with an exceptional result. So try this one a few weeks or so after the first one and personalize it.
Lesson 7     39:25

Male Erotic Massage


Every woman that participates in creating "following along"  videos, brings her own spin or style in her moves. Since I have put so much effort into editing out the bad moves and emphasizing the good techniques I encourage the ladies to try to reproduce the exact moves she sees in the video. Some women still embellish to a great extent and sometimes it works out better.

This video is an example of improvisation at work. This lady brings a style and flair I could only describe as "Flamboyant." I appreciate when a woman enjoys what she is doing to my penis, this women loves "dick" (her words) and she loves to learn how to make a man ejaculate hard!
Lesson 8    34:18


Ejaculation Plateau

For men, there is this rush of adrenaline sensation about 30 seconds before ejaculation. We get tingly or warm all over and our penis feels Really Really Good!What if you could stretch that feeling out for him to 1, 2 or even 5 minutes? It would be like an extended Ejaculation. Maybe even like multiple ejaculations.

That is the idea of Ejaculation Plateau. This lessons works to get him to the brink of ecstasy and keep you there for as long as he can stand it. I made this as lesson 8 because all of the lessons build on the one before and, it will take some practice to get this one down. This is the next stepping stone leading to helping him achieve multiple ejaculations.

Lesson 9    12:00 + 8:21


Aggressive / Assertive

I like soft, slow, sensual, deliberate touch when I am in the mood for a Handjob. But I know some guys need something a little more rigorous. I can't make a series that can satisfy every man, but I hope that I can include techniques and routines that many men will like. So on the advice of some of my participants and customers, I offer what I would call aggressive /assertive.
Here we continue with lots of our distinctive variety but we crank it up with more speed and pressure. It was so intense for me that I could only make it a few minutes before it was all over for me. It is a great technique to use for a quickie. This Lesson includes 2 renditions or interpretations of what my masseuse determined sufficiently assertive.  Over 20 minutes total.



 Ladies I know this is a lot of information on how to drive your man crazy in bed. But I didn't forget about you!  We also have;

"Female Sensual Massage 101"   66:18

In lessons for men, I approach sensuality for women from a different angle. Here I show men how to slow things way down. I have him stroke your hair, massage your face, your ears, your lips, your back, your legs, your feet, your abdomen and several other places in between before I show him a way to work the muscles in your chest as muscles.

From there I give him ideas on how to ever so gently micro-massage your nipples. I have a surprise about this time for you too, that I have been told is exciting, then we s l o w l y begin work on the outer labia. My objective is to allow you plenty of time to experience lots of contractions, convulsions and orgasms in anticipation of what's next. I don't want to spoil your surprise so suffice it to say I have been working hard on finding ways to massage the inner labia, the clitoris and the g-spot in ways that only feel good, and cutting out the things that most women suggest can be omitted.
 sensual massage
Your partner will discover some new things about you, and after you have given him one or more of the massages in lessons 1-9, expect him to be eager to reciprocate. Maybe not the same day, but soon!

This series includes 2 bonus videos. Bonus 1 (21: 11) includes female genital massage with 2 different vibrators, one dildo shaped and one 'space needle' style, looking up at the genitals. Bonus 2 (25:01) shows an overhead view showing some use of the vibrators on the nipples, and some better angles of things like g-spot massage.

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Why should I learn this material or give my man a sensual massage?

You might be wondering “why should I learn this material or give my man a sensual massage?” It’s no secret, a famous radio doctor has been saying it for years, maybe you didn’t hear it or maybe you forgot, but here it is;


 Men obtain a sense of love from sex!

I thought about this for months before I could wrap my head around this very simple concept. Although I immediately agreed I didn’t at first comprehend why! At first I even felt shallow and ashamed. Eventually it came to me. I realized that while men are fairly eager to have sex, even no strings attached, women seem much more inclined to limit their sexual encounters to men they either love, expect to love, or can temporarily love.
Based on this observation (I presume by many men) my opinion is that as a man, the best way to know or feel loved by a woman is to see if she will say yes to sex. If she says no, it’s a pretty safe bet she is not feeling love.
This may sound crazy to you, because on an intellectual level I also believe that women feel love based more on the “emotional connection” or “relationship” and with sexual rejection a less common experience for women, so it’s not a big issue. Obviously a woman can get the same sense of “un-loved” by sexual rejection as a man, but would it not be just as much of an un-loved sensation if a man wouldn’t communicate with you?

I guess what I am trying to get at is; men and women have different milestones or objectives that confirm the existence of love. Guys are kind of oblivious about what level of emotional connection equates to love. To me I could have an awesome relationship, and a perfect emotional connection with someone, but if she was disinterested in sex, it would not matter how much she professed her love for me, I would have doubts and seek to fill the void of physical connection.