"Better than a BlowJob!"

Simulate a blowjob by using your hands? I hope you will enjoy having this awesome alternative to oral sex. As with many of the videos this one kind of looks like we are doing some of the same things I teach in several other videos but there is no comparison to the way it feels!

I had a young lady visit me who wanted to learn my techniques first-hand. She took the first two lessons then asked if she could freestyle - no follow-along. Since I am always looking for new material, I agreed. Plus, I was inspired that she had gained so much self confidence so fast, I wanted to be supportive of her efforts.

When I did ejaculate, Volume was about 2 times normal and distance about 3 times normal. (I was so impressed I had to watch it right away to see what she was doing) This video is a good example of how to cause ejaculation!
I thought I was going to ejaculate about ten times in this video and I had to ask to retreat once so I didn't too soon. 

When you get this video I will point out the one little thing that makes this one SO different. I never knew this trick until I felt it and watched the video. You will be able to use what you learn in this video every time you touch a penis. He will Love Lesson 6 

This lesson also includes a 38 minute bonus video. When one massagestands out as really exceptional, I have to determine if I am dealing with a lady possessing exceptional skill and intuition or if her methods can be followed along by others with similar results. A different masseuse used varying degrees of the first video but with her own spin. It seemed to me to be a completely different massage, but with an exceptional result. So try this one a few weeks or so after the first one and personalize it.