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Penis Massage

First we dissect the male Orgasm. To better understand what kind of sensations you are causing your partner, we reflect on female orgasms, after all; the major biological difference between men and women is that hormones have caused us to morph into different (gender) shapes. When you compare male and female orgasmic responses you may see we are quite similar. Here we explore the similarities. Next we go into more detail on what Male Multiple Orgasms are and how you cause and control them. This includes detaching Orgasm and Ejaculation as synonymous.

The Penis 'communicates' pleasure by certain reactions. I detail the reactions so you can learn to read the penis. In later lessons (4-9) No narration is included. By the end of lesson 3 I hope that you will be 'listening' more to his reactions and the tools I "show" you to elicit them, than what I say. The goal is to be in tune with your partner during your massage. That is what makes it really intimate for him; he feels like you know and understand him in this most intimate way.

I show you how to tell how excited he is by looking at one certain spot on his erection. I detail the clues that the penis gives that ejaculation is imminent. In this video I reveal a ½ inch area that when touched will trigger about 90% of all orgasms. Going there too much though, can be real irritating! Knowing what to do with this one area will make your job easier and a whole lot more fun. More control is gained or lost with proper or improper manipulation of this spot than any other area.

I introduce you to moving and controlling your hands. All subsequent lessons involve the positions, pressures, speeds, twists, turns, slides, tickles, teases, and moves that you are capable of achieving with your hands. The possibilities and combinations are nearly infinite. I also show you in this video a way to position your hands that I think feels like oral sex.

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penis massage sex techniques multiple orgasms How the Penis works - Male Multiple Orgasms - Cause & Control + Tips, tricks, hot spots, read the penis, simulate oral sex, hand techniques.
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