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Using Teasing Touch on Mans Genitals to Cause him to climax Harder


In Lesson 3 You will learn a lot about your partner and how penises respond. After watching the animation and wrapping your head around "trial ejaculations," this is where you get to see the most obvious and dramatic affects of control of his multiple orgasms.  I call this lesson "Deprivation." You will be amazed at not only how little it takes to cause powerful orgasms, (trial ejaculations) but how much more pronounced they can be visually and physically. For him this will be a mind blowing experience!  I created this video for one lady who loved sex, and put all her heart into pleasing her partner with enthusiastic…. pain and injury. To date my experience with women is that every one that has participated offered varying degrees of overcompensation in speed and pressure. Most of the time I would not suggest that (any) such sensual contact with the penis could be undesirable in any way. But to me, Deprivation touch epitomizes 'sensuality.'

Here is what I tell the guys about this lesson; 

"I'll have her get you really hard and try to keep you really hard for a whole hour. For the first 30 minutes she will be touching very softly and slowly looking for those really sensitive spots that make your penis jump and shot gun. This is quite a tease but she gets to see how easy it is to give you orgasm after orgasm. Women seem to love this lesson because they learn how simple it is to cause lots of pleasure and that it doesn't necessarily require lots of 'work' to have you squirming in ecstasy".

In the second 30 minutes I show her things like how to simulate oral sex sensations with her hands and how to get you really close to ejaculation and keep you there. The "I'm gonna Cum" sensation will build and grow for a good solid 20 minutes until you feel a huge pressure building deep inside. The resulting ejaculation is full of dizzying power and volume."

2 Bonus Videos

The Deprivation lesson includes 2 bonus videos of 59 and 57 minutes. If your man appreciates the sensations of these techniques as much as I (and most of my customers) do, you will have 2 more hours of material to apply and practice. It is my personal opinion that mastering deprivation has been the single most beneficial technique that any of my participants have acquired. This treat of a massage feels like the most caring, loving, thoughtful experience.
In the next segment, (Incredible Pleasure) we build on the information and practice of the foundation lessons to really inspire his lust and desire.

 Lesson 3

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 Deprivation Techniques Sex Deprivation - small effort for big effect hand techniques, See and feel pronounced multiple orgasms, build intensity and accomplish powerful ejaculation.
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 Deprivation Bonus 1 Sex Video  Bonus 59:13 Mins.  
 Deprivation Bonus 2 Sex Video  Bonus 2 - 56:43 Mins.  

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