Lesson 4   58:17


Penis Stimulation and Erection Technique


In all videos I try to show various ways to cause an erection. Lesson 4 includes one of my favorite ways to become erect; Movement. Here we see how effectively you can get the penis hard by primarily wiping on lubricant with some fairly assertive repositioning and directional stimulation. Next we combine strokes that we have already practiced with more movement and motion.  Don't worry about hurting his penis, as long as you don't go any further than I show you. Trust me on this; This feels soooo good! The ejaculation sequence in this one usually strikes most men and women as very surprising. Causing a man to ejaculate by most of the climax sensation being derived from movement is very interesting.

 Lesson 4

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 Penis stimulation erection and Movement Techniques Movement -different  Irresistible Erection technique, hand techniques including assertive repositioning and directional stimulation with lots of unusual movements that cause ejaculation.
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