Lesson 7     39:25

Male Erotic Massage


Every woman that participates in creating "following along"  videos, brings her own spin or style in her moves. Since I have put so much effort into editing out the bad moves and emphasizing the good techniques I encourage the ladies to try to reproduce the exact moves she sees in the video. Some women still embellish to a great extent and sometimes it works out better.

This video is an example of improvisation at work. This lady brings a style and flair I could only describe as "Flamboyant." I appreciate when a woman enjoys what she is doing to my penis, this women loves "dick" (her words) and she loves to learn how to make a man ejaculate hard!

 Lesson 7

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 Erotic Massage Video  Flamboyant - using hand movement with style and flair feels like hands dancing on the penis. Read More  

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