Lesson 9    12:00 + 8:21


Aggressive / Assertive


How to Make A Man Ejaculate Quickly 

I like soft, slow, sensual, deliberate touch when I am in the mood for a Handjob. But I know some guys need something a little more rigorous. I can't make a series that can satisfy every man, but I hope that I can include techniques and routines that many men will like. So on the advice of some of my participants and customers, I offer what I would call aggressive /assertive.
Here we continue with lots of our distinctive variety but we crank it up with more speed and pressure. It was so intense for me that I could only make it a few minutes before it was all over for me. It is a great technique to use for a quickie. This Lesson includes 2 renditions or interpretations of what my masseuse determined sufficiently assertive.  Over 20 minutes total.



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 Ejaculation sex massage techniques  Aggressive / Assertive - 2 videos including Multiple hand techniques with additional speed and pressure for men who like a more rigorous massage, or for quickie massage. Read More  
 Aggressive  Assertive Bonus Video  Bonus 8:21 Mins  

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