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ProductsLesson 2 for Women - Penis Erection & Ejaculation   
Lesson 2    26:37

Penis Erection and ejaculation

Lesson 2 begins with my favorite erection technique that causes orgasms even in a limp penis. Then we take some time looking at some diverse and stimulating massage. Feel free to watch this one while practicing the techniques you see; on your partner. This is our first follow-along and it is a very pleasant experience for men. You might want to have on headphones or turn the volume down so your partner can't hear me telling you what we are going to do. We don't want to spoil his surprise.

See dozens of very different strokes in this sampler of techniques, causing hundreds of trial ejaculations and one very strong ejaculation. At ejaculation, I show you how to optimize his climax experience while at the same time avoid hurting your partner.
This lesson includes a 51 minute bonus video that was one of my most pleasurable first videos. It epitomizes the concept of sensual penis massage. It is not narrated but the pace is perfect for practicing on your partner after watching lesson 2. (But give him a few days to recover first!)
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 Penis Erection,Penis Ejaculation Bonus Videos 51 Min. Bonus Video  

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